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Expand your professional opportunities by adding coding expertise to your portfolio. At Code by the Needle, we combine real hands-on experience and direct learning to introduce you to the most used programming languages. We take a “no gimmicks” approach and teach you the essentials to understand the world of programming and enjoy the opportunities for career advancement that come with it.

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What do we do?

Code by the Needle is an evening course designed to teach programming to people with minimal coding experience. The course is conducted in Python, a programming language that anyone can learn. The class requires 15 hours of participation over a period of 10 weeks.

How do we do it?

At Code by the Needle, we believe that learning to program requires immersion. Using a variety of teaching strategies and techniques yields the best results for our students

  • Interactive class – Detailed presentations introduce concepts and provide practice exercises. Concepts are thoroughly examined in weekly presentations to understand relevancy through real life industry examples. Subsequent material is derived from these discussions based on interest.
  • Weekly exercises – Sample problems emphasize concepts illustrated during the week.
  • Online reading and free online Python book materials – A second explanation of core concepts provides a deeper understanding and broader contextual foundation for learning and may provoke questions that otherwise would have been missed.
  • Discussion of free online courses – a roster of additional online courses that can be taken in tandem with Code by the Needle, for a greater understanding of the material.
  • Code samples – The instructors share code samples of content, including professional commentary and explanatory notes on the coding process.
  • Email communication – The instructors are available via email for any questions or further discussion and are available for extra lessons if needed.
  • Personal project – During the 5th week of instruction, each student undertakes one personal project outside of class, with 2 hours of guidance from the instructor.

Why python?

Python is an established language with an abundant library of free material online. The class combines instruction with these free resources to prepare you to continue your professional journey as a programmer.

What can you do with it?

  • For sysadmins - useful as a scripting language.
  • Cross Os applications - TKinter and other frameworks will get you there.
  • Game programming – Gamepy is easy to use and allows you to have a game within a couple weeks.
  • Web programming - Django , pyramids, google app engine will get you there in no time.
  • Microcontroller - with PyMCU.
  • New Gizmos - Runs on rasberry pi and arduino platforms


"The course was really well laid out and had a clear goal for getting me from almost no coding skill to a base level of programming knowledge in Python. The course was well tailored to compliment my personal project as well as the speed at which I was learning the material. I was truly amazed at how quickly I was able to pick up the language and start writing little programs on my own. The resources that went along with the course curriculum were informative and the schedule fit very nicely with each class.

Dive Into Python by Mark Pilgrim is a great book for someone new to programming or just learning Python. The whimsical writing style along with the great examples made it enjoyable to read and easy to follow along with. Codecademy was also really enjoyable and provided a great opportunity to practice the skills I was learning as I was learning them. The additional material that was suggested with the course such as the Regular Expressions reference and information about how to best use Stack Exchange and other forums will be very useful for me in the future.

Being able to meet (almost) every week was helpful for me to not get stuck or frustrated when running into problems, it was extremely helpful to have the one-on-one assistance when running into issues. Not only was I able to fix my code, but I learned about the root cause of the problem and more information about similar issues that programmers often run into. Finally, the pace of the class was challenging yet attainable, which led to an great sense of accomplishment. I would recommend this beginners course in programming by Alfredo Alvarez to anyone who's interested in learning the basic fundamentals of software engineering and breaking into coding themselves."

-Aaron Pollack

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Alfredo Alvarez

has been a Microsoft employee for the past five and a half years: four and half years as a developer, and one as a SDET. Prior to that, Alfredo was part of a E-Medical Record Startup. For most of the past decade, Alfredo has used Python on the side to create games and web applications: he is in love with the language and is consistently amazed by the new ideas people bring to the programming field and what Python can do for their lives.